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In the world of trade shows and events, the term "Logistics" covers services such as Transportation, Material Handling (movement of freight on show site), Warehousing (pre and post-show), cross border customs clearance and cross docking. BES offers the coordination of any or all these services to ensure your product reaches your show with ease.

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Whether its shipping to and from and event or simply getting products across town or across Canada, our team specializes in time sensitive deliveries.

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Material Handling

Material handling incorporates the use of manual and motorized equipment that moves to and from the loading dock

Warehouse Shelves

Warehousing is the storage of goods and materials in a commercial building for a certain period of time. With over 10,000 sq.ft of warehouse space we can store long term or short term.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a process that involves the submission of documentation to the associated government custom agency and then the subsequent oversight and clearance of the goods in transit.  Let our team help guide you through the process.

Forklift Delivery

 The name ‘cross docking’ explains the process of receiving products through an inbound dock and then transferring them across the dock to the outbound transportation dock.

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