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If you are a new company looking for growth and awareness or perhaps a company looking to increase its client base or launch a new product, signing up to exhibit at a trade show is something worth considering. Here are some reasons we think it is a worthwhile venture.

With social media being everywhere around us and easily accessible, some marketing managers falsely believe that face-to-face marketing is becoming obsolete. They couldn’t be more wrong! Here are some ideas to consider about exhibiting.

1. Events can you save time and money. Print and broadcasting ads can be costly, and on line marketing requires time to reach a decent-sized audience. Events give you the opportunity to deliver your sales message and interact with a large group of people gathered at the same time in one place.

2. A good event manager will bring the right people to you. Get to know the event producer to see if they have a handle on your industry. Companies experienced in producing highly targeted events know how to bring in specific audience types. Research the event in advance to make sure you are going to the right one. Ask for the history and the plan for the next show. When you choose the right targeted event, you’ll be assured that you’ll be getting in front of a high percentage of your prospects in that market segment. Then it is up to you.

3. Face to Face events can build confidence & trust between you and your potential customers. Meeting people in person is crucial for building and maintaining strong relationships. It’s putting a name to the face; it’s sharing a laugh; it’s about the conversation.

4. Exhibiting creates instant visibility and feedback. This is a big difference between face-to-face marketing and other promotional channels. Plan your exhibit to promote your brand, engage as many attendees as you can and you will get real time feedback that you can use to adjust or ramp up your messaging. At a show, you have the benefit of verbal and non-verbal communications, allowing you to clarify the nuances of your sales message.

Face to face marketing gives you instant and real feedback that you can’t get with any other type of marketing effort. Direct interaction, messaging and branding control and real time observations give you measurable results that you can alter or amplify, depending on how you are watching them be perceived. And the spontaneous interactions that can happen as a result of your in person marketing can mean surpassing your goals for the event!

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