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Nice to meet you.

When it comes to networking, a trade show is one of the best places to strike up a conversation. Everyone is there to learn and connect and grow their businesses….with only a few days to do it. It is a great place to connect with those you have been tyring to get a hold of as well as those you need to get a hold of. These are he decision makers. The movers and shakers who may ultimately decide to purchase your product. All you need to be is engaged and prepared.


A few tips to prepare for those networking opportunities:


1.        Know your objective. Who do I want to meet and why?

2.        Think about who are the best to connect with and how you will do it?  Social function? Education session? Booth interaction? Restaurant? Mutual introduction?

3.        Perhaps you can arrange a meetup before the event. Talk up the show and let them know you will be there. If you can get access to the delegate list, run through it to see who is going.

4.        Prepare some good conversation starters and questions to generally and specifically ask depending on who you are talking to. The could be industry ones or company specific.

5.        Keep a small notebook handy or set up a folder on your phone to document summaries of conversations that you need to expand on at a later date

6.        I know business cards may seem archaic, but still have a few on you at any time. Some like them, some don’t but be ready for those who do

7.        When wrapping up a conversation or meeting, give your thanks for their time and insight. Do it again after the event as a way to not only reiterate your appreciation but perhaps initiate further discussion.

8.        Always have an ace up your sleeve. Sometimes the conversation will go its own way and you may need something good to add to the conversation whether that is some new industry knowledge or something that your company is looking into doing that could be a bit or a game changer. Be prepared.



See you at the show!


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