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Our commitment to you on the other side.

With all the reopening plans being distributed by our governments, we can’t help but feel that the end of a very dark time for the events industry is close to the end. The return to events will bring about a return to prosperity for so many small businesses, like ours. But the return will also require time to rebuild, rehire and reaffirm the confidence that out attendees had in us before Covid. And it will take partnerships, cooperation, collaboration, communication and empathy.

As a show services provider to the industry, we have looked at our business long and hard. We have investigated options for growth, for additional services & products, for improved internal operations to make the process of rebuilding our industry a cooperative and supportive one. The pandemic has forced us to look at the value and experiences that we build. We have adapted to get through the short term but to recover in the long term will require long term thinking. It will require a sharing of the burden. It will require synergy in our thinking and our actions. It will require being “all in” supporting each other in our objectives. We won’t get through this looking out for ourselves, but, rather, by looking out for each other.

At Boneyard Event Services, Inc. we want to return to the growth and success that we had in 2019. We want the industry to return to its former glory. And we are committed to doing our part and more. As we come out of this together, we are committed to unparalleled Service, Collaboration and Pricing Processes.


People will need to feel comfortable again in gathering. Exhibitors will need to be welcomed back and offered service that makes them feel appreciated for their return. Attendees need to be welcomed back with a genuine appreciation. And cooperation between suppliers, as we work together again with some new faces, will be paramount to the overall success of the event.


We have always considered ourselves to be Your Partner in Exhibiting. When exhibitors are treated fairly with pricing and service. When staff go above and beyond to make the experience for attendees and exhibitors more memorable. When assistance is given freely to show management or other suppliers. This is when events are a success. And when they are a success and we had a part to play in that, it is our success as well. We continue to be involved in the event and it continues to grow. Win. Win. Win.


The costs of the return of live events is a major concern. Will people come or will there be a drop in attendee revenues? Will all the exhibitors come back? Will service providers be available to service your event to the level you need? Lots of worry. BES is committed to doing our part in reducing those worries. We will honour our 2019 pricings for events in 2022. We will create bundles for exhibitor orders to help to further reduce their costs to return. We will round down in labour and material handling or advance warehouse charges. And we will look to surprise and delight exhibitors on site with some secret programs. All the while introducing our new online ordering system!

We love events. The ones have done for 3,5 or 10 years. And we are ready to take on more in 2022. Talk to us today about the difference working with us can make. We can’t wait to meet again in person and get this industry back to the vibrant, dynamic contributor of economic and social well-being for so many!

See you at the Show!

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