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Where are you heading to?

When you are planning for a trade show, it’s like planning a trip to a foreign country where they can speak a different language and there are lots of strange customs to plan for. Before your trip, you would do as much read up as you could to prepare for your time there. But unlike a foreign land, trade shows come with a manual - The Exhibitor Manual. Most shows take a lot of time to put it all together to try and lay out the plan for you to navigate the territory safely. Yet a lot of exhibitors figure that if they have read one or two, they have read them all…not true! Although there are a lot of similar processes at a trade show, timelines can be different, as well as the premiums and extra charges. Rushing together your presence for a tradeshow can leave you frazzled and wrinkled. And that is not how you want to show up somewhere where you have little time to enjoy and make the most of!

A well thought out trade show presence, complete with a proper packing job, will make it all the more enjoyable and won’t feel out of control. Review the exhibitor manual 3-6 months out. Know the colour scheme the show is using for drapes and carpeting. Know if anything is included in your booth space. Where is your booth space in relation to the entrance / exit, features, food areas, washrooms, etc? Who are your neighbours? How many attendees are expected? All this info is what you are packing into your suitcase to ensure you are properly prepared. Just like you spend a lot of money on a vacation, you are investing a lot of time and money into a trade show and you need to make the most of it. Bringing the right stuff for where you are going is important to get every bit of value out of the adventure. And looking good and wrinkle free while you’re at it, sets you apart! Take the time to plan and enjoy the ride!

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