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Trade shows, without doubt, work. They bring buyers and sellers together. They provide educational opportunities. They allow you to execute on branding initiatives directly within your industry. They provide excellent networking situations. And they allow you to keep an eye on your competitors. What’s not to like? Other than the amount of work that needs to go into a properly planned presence! That is where you should consider talking to a company that is experienced in managing the logistics involved in bringing the details all together. Here are some thoughts and ideas to consider.

1. Trade show exhibiting is full of details and can be overwhelming. Advance deadline dates, shipping, targets for delivery and pick up, storage, drayage, back to back events, rentals, and the list goes on. You have more important things for your business to do than allocate resources to manage all this, multiple times a year.

2. Working with an experienced exhibit management company will bring together the experience they have, with the results you are looking for. Your choice should be for a company that is looking to serve as a partner in your success, providing new display methods, new shows and new ideas that can improve your branding & sales results.

3. Find an exhibit management company that has rental items in stock that can be shipped with your exhibit. This will provide a quality assurance and consistency in the overall look of your exhibit, as well as saving you some money from renting from the local provider. It also means all your materials are together, reducing wait times on site for any rentals to arrive.

4. In many cases, you don’t require someone full time to manage your exhibit. As a result, the coordination is usually added to someone else’s duties, to work into their regular day to day job. Missing deadlines can be costly and can add up quickly. Best to have someone dedicated to the details of your event to ensure nothing gets missed.

5. Just as you need your staff pre-event doing their main jobs and preparing for the event, the same is true for onsite time. Your sales staff need to be selling. Your operations staff need to be running things. Neither need to be running around figuring out the set up at the show. And post show, your booth staff need to be entertaining a potential client or getting on the next flight back home to be in the office to start the follow up program. Enter your dedicated exhibit management team to receive and set up your display, coordinate storage and any other supplier needs. And on show close they are there to let your booth sales staff depart and do what they need to do, while your exhibit team work to get the empties packed and shipped back.

An exhibit management company is a cost to work into your overall Trade Show Marketing Program budget. And this service can work for you whether you are a large company doing dozens of events a year or a small business looking to grow but are either inexperienced in exhibiting or need to keep your small staff focused. And the way to think about it, more as a smaller business, is that the cost can be justified by knowing an experienced, professional company is representing you and handling the early morning and late night logistics of exhibiting; by having a company looking out for you at the show, should something not go according to plan; by having a strategic partner that can brainstorm with you and that will contribute their experience to yours to maximize your ROI of each event.

Sounds good to me. Happy to discuss options!

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